Monday, 21 June 2010

What wig?

What wig?, originally uploaded by petercocks.

On thursday I went to the Tate Modern and saw the exhibition "Exposed" - Voyeuristic and Survelliance Photographs. I took some photos of the photos. I was pleased to see that they had a rude one by Pierre Molinier, French surrealist pornographer. I have two Moliniers, both too filthy to put on the wall. An old Professor, Dr Robert Short gave them to me when I was at University, he had met all the Surrealist Group including Andre Breton. I know what you're thinking, but I gave him little in return except for a cafe-calvados in a Paris cafe.

Nice man.

After I'd had a little kip in the Tate members caff, I walked across the wobbly bridge and saw this man in the main picture walking along by St Paul's Cathedral.
I asked him if I might take a picture of his splendid wig.
"What wig?" he asked.

Then it was along to the Walker Books 30th anniversary party in Bloomsbury. The kind ladies of Walker massaged my ego until it was lubricated with Pimms and buffed to a deep lustre...they quipped all the while about Peter Cocks-Long Reach. I don't get it, but neither did Michelle Gayle, my fellow author at Walker who has embarked on a sex, shopping and wags novel for older teens. Michelle and I talked about doing sex and shopping events together (as there's a bit of slap and tickle and retail in my book, too), maybe with a bit of singing and dancing as we have been on TV together and are both trained dancers and singers, or at least she is... and I pull funny faces a bit.

I do have the edge with ten years retail experience under my belt as well, but Michelle looked a bit surprised by the whole idea.

Michelle was charming as well as lovely. I am looking forward to our first event together.

BTW, Pierre Molinier is on the top left and should be wearing a wig. Michelle, at the Walker Party is the one on the top right, the one below on the left is a re-photographed August Sander what I done in the Tate of an Explosion Victim. Neither her nor Michelle are wearing wigs as far as I know.

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