Friday, 25 June 2010

Paul Foot - Private Widdle, the morning after his first time.

Posing as Keeley Cheescake, Ellen the Spy seamlessly infiltrates Uncle Meat and the Highway C hildren. She sang two songs with them...when she didn't know the words to 'Let's Get Sticky' she was finally rumbled and poor Ms Cheescake was untied and rescued from the small lavatory at the Tom Thumb where she had been imprisoned.

Mr Foot takes the stage with Mr Varley

Ellen, foreign Spy.She goes to Dover from Margate on a 49cc moped every day. She interviews illegal immigrants in Russian, Serbo-Croat, Albanian or any other of the ten languages she speaks. She heckled Mr Foot with medieval slavic curses. It is clear from her seductive hairstyle and Marlene Dietrich cigarette that she is a RUSSIAN SPY!
Paul Foot, originally uploaded by petercocks. ...astonished by the sheer volume of balloons at The Tom Thumb.
The morning after his triumph up The Astor, Mr. Foot, who had been lodging with Will Greenham and the Smugglers ( in Olly's bed, where he found some chewing gum) made his way to Margate with the musicians. The Smugglers and associates were playing a free benefit at The Tom Thumb Theatre, the smallest theatre in the world of Margate.
Having been promised a father's day roast lunch, President Paul dined with his new friend, Will Varley in the Old Town.
I found them struggling uphill above the lido, their tubby bellies full of roast. I took Mr Foot to look at the Walpole Bay Hotel which boasts a gramophone and 78s in every room. He would like to stay there for his next visit, or even for a holiday. He enquired of the manageress, whether they had sepia porn channels or 'What the Butler Saw' machines in the rooms. They don't.
Back at the Tom Thumb, the afternoon's lineup included The Boxing Octopus, Uncle Meat and the Highway children and Will Varley and others.
Mr Foot did an impromptu set, featuring a (spoken) mime on the theme of antiques roadshow, involving a woden leg, heart attack and urinary disorders.. Paul correctly pointed out that mimes are very difficult to follow unless someone talks you through them. Which he did.

Afterwards, the Red Arrows kindly put on a display in support of The Tom Thumb and a spitfire flew past (my booking) in honour of Mr Paul Foot's triumphant weekend.

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