Wednesday, 23 June 2010


A Chris-Eye view of Tara King after one of the gimp's more successful attempts at undressing her...Click on picture to augment.

SIDEBOTTOM UNMASKED, originally uploaded by petercocks.

I trawled my archive for a picture of Chris Sievey, Frank Sidebottom, without the head. The best I could find was Chris in my German helmet and leather shorts, covered in tattoos. The real, wheelbarrow tattoo was under his boots.

In the show, he emerged from a box and then spent the whole time on his hands and knees, stroking and licking Tara's leg or trying to squeeze her bosoms.

It wasn't a bad job in semi-showbiz, but the money wasn't great...about £20 per show, but that was all he could afford once he'd spent the rest on beer, snails and nose candy.

In the clip, Chris is seen stroking Tara while we feed the contestorants Knicker, Knacker, Knocker Glory...a confection made from fried worms, liquidised pig testicle and cream.

We were doing this disgusting schtick in 1998, years before 'I'm a Celebrity...' and when Ant and Dec were still called PJ and Duncan. I believe that we were also the first show to ritually humiliate losing contestants, telling them to "GO HOME!", rather than blow smoke up their arses, ask what a lovely day they'd had and send them home with a consolation prize.

Other Endurance specialities were the Pubic Chair, Bollock Beer and The Vindaloo Hat.

The studio smelt of vomit after every show.

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