Monday, 14 June 2010

This Saturday, 19th June, is the first meeting of The Private Widdle Social Club, taking place at Deal's newly refurbished and rapidly developing Astor Theatre.
Under the directorship of Esme Chilton and artistic programming of James Tillitt The Astor is coming along as the most unusual and alternative of venues in the South East with the voluntary efforts of experts such as us...
There is already a vibrant music scene happening here, spearheaded by Will Greenham and his Smuggler's Records label.
In conjunction with Will and my friend Mr Paul Hendy, TV personality, author and Pantomime impresario, we have decided to extend the remit to variety with a comedy cabaret soiree.
In honour of Deal's most recently notorious resident, Carry On actor Charles Hawtrey (the place has always attracted the ne'er do well) we have named the evening after his most famous character, Private Widdle.
Hawtrey was geriatric, delinquent, drunk and gay as a yellow duster which well represents the demographic of this peculiar seaside town. There is further information of the scandals of Hawtrey in the fine book by splenetic author, Roger Lewis: "The Man who was Private Widdle".
For the first meeting we have booked a very amusing man called Paul Foot.
He has very clever hair, is life president of the Paul Foot Appreciation Guild and insists on being called President Paul. In amongst his stream of consciousness, we hope that he will present local genius band 'The Ukelele Gangstas' who play gangsta rap on Ukeleles. He will then introduce a charming lady with a sharp tongue, Sara Pascoe who is Time Out's critics choice this year. Mis Pussy D'Amour will provide added glamour, taking a night off from her dining club and stripping for us. Further musical diversion will be added by Uncle Meat and The Highway Children, a psycho- folk/punk outfit who feature a musical saw amongst their instruments.
We have Hector, who is a human beatbox and an open spot which threatens to showcase a young lad with eyes tattooed to his buttocks and who can smoke a cigarette anally.
Any attendee of the first Private Widdle Social Club will be given honorary life membership.
It promises to be a varied evening. Watch this space for reviews next week.

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  1. P.S. We have billed as our MC, Mr Phil Holden. Sadly, owing to a national shortage of dwarves of restricted growth because of the new Harry Potter film, Mr Holden will now be MC on our second meeting.