Monday, 7 February 2011

The Private Widdle Social Club Jan 2011 Meeting.

Not our most polished event to date in some ways:
The gold slash curtain had gone missing, Jonathan the Pianist (man who can play anything) was resting, ill in Madeira. Paul Hendy was away and had taken Paul Foot's throne and crown with him. The follow spot had blown....

However, rough around the edges, January's meeting was chock full of raucous entertainment. Surprise hits were performance Poet Malcolm Head, who has just been signed for Paul Foot's national tour. Plus, the Meat Raffle courtesy of The Black Pig Butcher in Kingsdown, which contained a quadruple pig's heart bypass: pig's heart laced with chipolatas through the ventricles; some lambs kidney and bacon parcels; and some wings in blankets - chicken wings wrapped in bacon. All jolly tasty and fleshy, as were Hells Belles, Major and Mrs Perineum Twang, The Ladies of the Lake, Jodie and all our other talented acts.

Feb 26th show is bursting at the seams and will be a return to the smooth running slickness you expect from a Widdle night out.

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