Monday, 24 January 2011

PANTO - Poster

Images of Chatham at Christmas. It all felt very Victorian and cosy (like the workhouse) and made Novosibirsk look glamorous.
Even my old mucker and Gravesend boy, Woody turned up in black and white, dressed as Bill Sykes to complete the vision.

Made firm new friends in Chatham.
It was a great, supportive cast who looked after each other in sickness and in health.
As the oldest member of cast (50) I was very pleased not to have succumbed to the various viruses going around, exacerbated by the shared bog outside the dressing room which pumped out sewage fumes and pea-souper shite clouds on an hourly basis.
I attribute my robust health to bloody maries of various dilutions, satsumas, beef jerky and the antispetic effects of organic rolling tobacco. Oh, and guinness after the drive home through the snow.
That's my theory, anyway.
New best friends...West End Veteran Johnny Barr, Phil "Mr Maker" Gallagher, Miss Quinn Patrick and lovely Emma Barton on whom I have a a huge crush.

Poster, originally uploaded by petercocks.

December to January was spent schlepping to Chatham through Snow and blizzards to perform Jack and the Beanstalk twice a day, and thrice on boxing day.
My mum might have been proud to have seen my face on the billboards and buses around Chatham.

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