Monday, 27 September 2010


Magical Mystery

The Private Widdle Social Club Numeros Dos (Number Twos) was a sell-out SUCCESS!
Hosted once again by life President Mr Paul Foot, who was on TOP FORM the meeting had one or two surprises.

The identity of the MAgical Mystery Guest was revealed when TV's Stephen Mulhern turned up as a favour to Private Widdle, showing that "Deal's Got Talent" and demonstrating his superior skills in crowd control. (Very handy when he was mobbed in the kebab shop at 2am)

All the acts were stupendous, but some favourite moments were provided by the previously unseen Hell's Belles. Their charming, tattooed reinterpretations of long-lost dance moves charmed the crowd (see the Cardiff Stroll below) as well as their kitsch raffle which included 1940's hamper of powdered egg and camp coffee as well as a signed Larry Grayson autobiography, a prize marrow and some pig's trotters (organic, local, supplied by Black Pig Butcher, Kingsdown)

Hells Belles introduced Major Pereneum (sample of his act below) Twang to Private Widdle as well as his snake-charming assistant Miss Jezabelle DuBois, who will be displaying her Boa Constrictor at a future event.
On the subject of scary things from the Jungle, Karin from the Kongo provided a delightful musical sequence based around the mewling of cats, the like of which has never been seen.
We thought we'd seen it all after "How Much is that Doggy...?" Is there a theme emerging?
Mr Nicholas Harby delighted with his steam train impressions and educational monologue while another surprise of the open spot, Miss Jodie Goffe provided a moving contrast with her first public performance and frail, touching, self-penned song. There was not a dry eye in the house.

Miss Tootsie Sugar was a no-show, but was more than adequately replaced by the beautifully upholstered Missy Maybe who, apart from being a marvellous burlesque performer is an all-round nice girl and good egg, battling through a cold at the last minute to present her Women's Institute Strip. After Missy's display, there was barely a dry seat in the house, either.

Thank you to all our acts. More Widdle to follow. Watch this space.

The Lovely Missy Maybe


  1. Private Widdle takes it up The Astor again on October 2nd.
    His opening on June 19th, was a pleasure and didn't hurt a bit.
    He is going to force quite a few more bodies through his stage door this time and is appealing for an extension till midnight, to prolong everyone's pleasure into the wee small hours.

    The Private Widdle Social Club. The Greatest Show in Deal!

  2. Correction: The ONLY Show in Deal!!!