Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hermes, New Bond St. Window, Ginger fans

Other pics for Ginger Fans: to add to the diplay of Hermes Gingerness, two pics I snapped around town, the first a straw hatted gentleman at Charing Cross on his way to a festival, the second, Henry at the local skatepark. Great Fantas both. The Gingerist world view; hot-tempered, flamboyant, bloody-minded and highly sexed will be heavily represented in these pages.

They've seen the back of me at Heathrow Terminal 3. Bond Street relocates to Heathrow.

Hermes, New Bond St. Window, originally uploaded by petercocks.

Great news...or bad?

Good news for Hermes/Ginger/Furry fans. After the outcry in Mayfair when the windows were changed in Hermes Bond St, (and the life sized pictures of Rusty and I were taken down from around the door) the Fancy French Finery Co have given in to sheer weight of public pressure and have relocated the images. They will now appear at the flagship Hermes concession at Heathrow Terminal 3. Well-heeled travellers will now be inspired into a retail froth of last minute silk scarf buying...or will find one more good reason for leaving this blighted Isle when they see me and my ginger guard dog snarling at them from the window.
Good riddance, I say.

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